The Special Forces Cancer Warrior Team

Terry L. Thornhill



March 10, 1949 began with a joyous event in Cliff and Lou’s home as they welcomed a brand new addition to the Snelson family. Terry began her life in Los Angeles, California and quickly embraced the beach, surfing and all that goes with living in Southern California.

After short stints at various small employers in L.A., she began her professional life in Denver, Colorado as she began a career as a “L’eggs Lady.” She also dabbled in modeling and enjoyed many challenging assignments. She learned how hard models work. 

Our Warrior was wildly successful landing a job with a national insurance software company located in Chicago, Illinois. It became obvious this was her real calling and her new found computer skills would serve her well in the future. Our Warrior earned not one but two National Top Gun Awards. She was assigned to the Northwest Area and loved meeting the various insurance agencies throughout Oregon and Washington.

Terry decided to leave her successful job to care for her ailing mother in Portland, Oregon. Cancer had already taken her father some 6 years earlier and now it had a firm grasp on her mother. She developed a clear respect for Cancer! Murderous, evil, deadly!

Her career took another turn when her mother passed and another opportunity presented itself—teaching applications software at a coastal private training facility. She further expanded her horizons by creating a hospitality training course and began providing customer service skills to the Oregon costal hospitality community.

Again her career was ended to provide care to her best friend, husband and inspiration. She applied her caregiver skills to the optimum and, soon, he regained most of his mobility. Suddenly our Warrior found herself ready to retire when, without warning, she began her own War on Cancer in which Victory has since been declared—another testament to the strength and determination of this courageous warrior.


The Special Forces Cancer Warrior Support Team

A Special Thanks

To family and friends who provided unrelenting support and love for many years.


· For his expert text editing, we give sincere thanks to Paul Stanton who has graciously given his time amid his music, and other regular retired activities.

· The Radiation Oncologist, the radiation technician team and the entire first floor professionals of the Roseburg Cancer Center. 

· For selfless contributions of medication to our Warrior we extent a sincere thanks to Jim and the staff of The 420 Club of Roseburg, OR.

· And at a time when our Warrior needed it most, Wild Harvest Ranch and Keith and Mechelle for their contributions of medication and moral support. 

· The people at IBrance for their contribution to Terry’s longevity.

Read About The Tragic Reality.

Thomas W. Thornhill



Born in Vinita, Oklahoma in December 1946, Thomas Thornhill began his life eager to experience all that life has to offer. 

The son of a veteran of the landing of Omaho Beach on D-Day was from Miami, Oklahoma, and married a local country girl from Afton, Oklahoma before shipping out to defeat the Nazis. 

JB and Frances welcomed their first son into the world joining his beautiful sister, Phyllis, and moved to Oregon in early 1947 to seek a new life in the wonderful new Oregon. Thomas graduated from Hood River, Oregon High School in 1965 and then on to Western Business University where he learned Computer Programming and began his IT career.

His professional career lasted some 40 years and included 25 years teaching IT courses at the college and high school levels and creating the IT Bachelor of Science and Associate Degree programs for the University of Albuquerque in New Mexico.

A time as a government contractor gave him the opportunity to begin to use his writing skills with a project in which he wrote the Programming Standards for the U.S. Air Force at Lowry Air Base in Denver, Colorado. This was just one of the many writing accomplishments including procedures, learning materials, one Introduction To Computers text book (didn’t get published) and an array of technical writings.

He spent four years at the seventh largest bank in the country (First Union Bank in Charlotte, North Carolina) where he implemented the microcomputer into the corporate environment creating their first Microcomputer Information Center. While at the bank, he wrote and implemented a Professional Development Program which became a part of every IT employee’s annual performance review.

Health reasons forced him to retire in 2004 suffering from debilitating arthritis. After years of many different treatments and a heart valve replacement, a functioning level of pain relief was finally achieved.

In 2014 his beloved Terry was stricken with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and his vigil began. He has cared for her and all that this killer disease has had to offer and now stands strong believing a cure has been finally realized and knows he is a Charter Member of the Special Forces Cancer Warrior Support Team! 

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